The World Of Little Rising Son

Word of Columbus’ discovery of the Americas spread like wildfire across the civilized world. Spurred on by tall tales of unimaginable wealth and fertile lands, countries and kingdoms raced to claim their stake in this new world. With the dust settled these centuries past, Great Britain and China held the North American coasts, the former the east and the latter the west. In the northeast, the French were in control, while the Russians crossed the Bearing Strait to claim the wintery northwestern territory as their own. Central America and parts of the south were loosely held by New Spain.

A large swath of land in the middle of North America buffered these empires. Known as the Midlands, this ungoverned territory was largely populated, initially, by the many Native American tribes that had been pushed out of their homelands. It also attracted a particular sort of person widely varied in all things but one; a desire for complete independence and freedom. Soon the Midlands were dotted with settlements populated by these hearty, adventurous men and women from all corners of the globe.

This is the American melting pot,
The New Wild West.
This is the world of Little Rising Son.



Bloodlines part 2 of 3

A forbidden inter-racial love affair leads to a duel;
choices are made in the obscuring fog of love and honor, duty and responsibility. Defending hislove of Annabelle, Hiro Sato is shot down dead byJudah Baker, her father. While Hiro's own father, Hiroshiwrestles with his conflictingloyalties, Judah, finding himself at the head of a mob, must decide what steps to take in regards to, Annabelle, his only child...and her newborn son.

Writer / Artist: Richie Vicencio
Writer / Editor: Mike Vicencio
Price: $1.99

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